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Inspiring Story – I Quit My Job to Start Poultry Farming

About Mr. Wambugu Kamau

Ex Soldire and Expert Kuroiler Chicken Farmer

Mr. Wambugu is a family man, down to earth, determined and workaholic when it comes to his poultry farming and goat rearing project. He was once a soldire in a foreign country, fighting for the world to have peace. He could make a lot of money and that would all be in just one day, ‘the pay day’. The Pay Day came usually after six months of brutal fights in the deserts and very dangerous places. On this pay day, he was the generous type, sending most of his hard earned cash to friends and relatives to try and start businesses so that when he comes home, he would get his local accounts swimming with money. Unfortunately, these people were not faithful. He lost alot of money, property and finally had to stop sending the money and thought twice about the whole issue and way forward.

kuroiler chickens at Wambugu's farm

He decided to quit his soldire job came to the country, looked for a job in Nairobi and got married. However, the challenges of having a family and the responsibility of providing for it hit him hard since his job was not sustaibable. He had to do something, a project, not employment. He thought of starting a chicken business with local kienyeji and a mixure of rainbow, Kari and Kuroiler, which did very well, he couldn’t supply enough eggs to the market. He therefore purposed to expand the farming and decided to deal with Kuroiler chicken only as it is the only chicken he felt was easy to manage. To date, the farm has expanded to a point where he is brooding thousands of chicks for customers as he supplies eggs for incubation to other farmers in his area.

His farm is located in Nyahururu. Mr. Wambugu is one of the team player of Kuroiler Chicken website training programme. He is also one of the suppliers of eggs, chicks and chicken who is reliable. You will see him in most of the trainings sharing to fellow farmers about his experience and how to handle and cope up with chicks growth issues as they arise.

He is also very helpful when it comes to building chicken houses and he can give a plan and a budget for your chicken house when you are ready to build. To ask him any question about kuroiler chicks farming and poultry housing, please leave a comment below. He will answer as soon as possible.

To work with him on chicks supply and training, kindly email us at info@kuroilerchicken.com and we will connect you and give you details on how to start your program.

The video below is one about his humble beginnings, how he started and the journey it has taken him to reach where he is.

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