About Vet Technician – Leah Simon

About Leah Simon – Qualified Vet Technician

Leah Simon is a qualified Vet Technician with passionate heart to serve farmers by helping them overcome challenges they face day to day when taking care of their animals. She always have time for farmers who approach her with specific needs and will always give ample information and solutions to help solve most problems. When Leah is not in the field attending to a farmer, or in a seminar teaching or getting more knowledge to help the farmers, then you will find her in her Farm Point Agrovet where she stocks most medicines, vaccines, feeds and other items needed by farmers. She is a dedicated mother and a wife and a very down to earth vet professional you can rely on.

Leah is not stopping there, she is determined to see farmers succeed and is ready to answer any mind boggling questions farmers are facing to her full capacity. Why don’t you drop her a question and she will answer you as soon as possible. To do that, just leave a comment below and don’t forget to introduce yourself and ensure you use your true contact information so that we can get back to you. Do not worry your information is safe with us.



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