Raising Kuroiler Chicken Breed – Top Six Things You should Note

If you are looking to start a chicken rearing business, try Kuroiler chicken farming. Developed by Vidod Kapur, an Indian businessman, Kroiler is a superior kienyenji chicken breed. It was first introduced to Ugandans, and then to Kenyans. A breed that can survive anywhere in Kenya, including arid areas, Kuroiler has been around since 2009. One of its main advantages is that it lays a lot of eggs (140 to 150) per year. What’s more, Kuroiler has the tastiest and softest meat, making it the best kienyenji bird for eggs and meat. For it to be super-productive, Kuroiler eats a lot. It is an insatiable chicken that loves scavenging in the fields.

Other special attributes

  • Appearance – Mostly, Kuroiler chickens have white and grey specks, and this makes them well-camouflaged. All the same, you should expect to come across other colorful Kuroilers.
  • Growth rate – Kuroiler kienyenji chicken farming has become so popular because the birds grow extremely fast. What’s more, they grow big and fat without necessarily eating a lot of store-bought feeds. Even if you let them loose to scavenge, Kuroilers will soon get heavier. Besides, you can give them your kitchen leftovers and edibles like yellow maize, omena, chicken mash, soya and worms. To ensure their growth rate stays sharp, deworm and vaccinate your birds on time. By the fourth or fifth month, a Kuroiler chicken attains a weight of three to four kilograms.
  • Kuroiler meat production – As aforementioned, Kuroilers produce delicious meat in high amounts. They fatten up quickly and the farmer doesn’t have to invest a lot of money to ensure it. Another good point to note about Kuroilers is that they are more resilient than some exotic breeds. Hence, they resist diseases better regardless of the environmental challenges. Their meat production remains high as long as you nurture and feed them properly. In just ten weeks, the chickens will be mature enough for slaughtering—weighs 3.5kgs at maturity. Cocks can be heavier than this, though. Compared to broilers that weigh 2 to 2.5 kilograms at maturity, Kuroiler chickens are perfect alternatives. Finally, meat is evenly distributed over the chicken’s body parts.
  • Eggs production – Kuroilers start laying eggs when they are five months old. As soon as their laying season starts, it goes on for two years. Surprisingly, they lay an extremely big egg with a vivid dark-yellow yolk. This yolk color is associated with good health, explaining why Kuroiler eggs fetch more money on the market.
  • Hatching – If you want to raise new broods, you will face one challenge with the Kuroiler hen. She doesn’t sit on her eggs so they can hatch. As a result, you will require an incubator or buy some readily hatched chicks. If incubated, about eighty percent of Kuroiler eggs will hatch. Alternatively, you could your kienyenji hens warm the eggs. But, keep in mind that most of the eggs might get stale. Thus, the incubation machine is the ultimate solution.
  • Housing – Kuroirer chickens can either be free range birds or semi-free range birds. If you have adequate land space, the kienyenji free range method is the most ideal. All the same, ensure that you build a fenced chicken run to keep your birds safe. If you already have a chicken house that meets the basic construction standards, you can keep your Kuroirer birds inside. Otherwise, you should get a special semi free range rearing system that is suitable for compact spaces.


If you want to raise Kuroiler chickens, first be completely sure that you can meet its growth conditions. As earlier noted, this breed is among the least expensive birds to keep. It can scratch the ground and get its own food. Thus, you should only supplement its efforts by providing extra food. Kuroiler is ever hungry, so you should be ready to feed it. After doing everything right, you will sell meat and eggs in huge quantities and make a lot of profits.

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  1. Hi
    My name is Ali! My passion is rearing hens for commercial gain. I prefer layers, my only worry is can they produce more eggs as compared to exotic layers. Kindly give me a quick response cause am ready to start.
    Also I want you to sale me 4 months old layers so that I don’t incur huge cost of feeding them before they start laying eggs. How much will you sale me those layers?
    Thank you,


    1. Hi Ali, thank you for your comment and your interest to rear chicken commercially. Kuroiler produce between 140 to 200 eggs yearly, compared to exotic birds which only do about 50 eggs. The good thing about Kuroiler is that they gain weight early, have massive meat and it is very sweet. The eggs are big and yellow york just like exotic bird. For sales, the best way to get the correct information on the ground is to call us at the farm at 0710815184 and we will be able to give you more information. Thank you again.

      1. Exotic chickens in Nigeria, gives an average of 240 eggs per year. This is to correct the error that, you get only 50 eggs from exotic birds.

        1. Are you really sure they are not cross breed? we call them local kienyeji birds here in Kenya, and we have improved Kienyeji which outdoes the original chicken.

          1. Jonathan Katuta

            If I bought commercial pullets (5 of them) and keep them semi-free range and provide a cock. Can I get fertilized eggs which I can have incubated artificially?

        2. I am sorry, local birds cannot lay up to even 60 due the fact that they go brooding after laying on average 8 eggs.

        3. The only birds that can produce sucha high amount of eggs 250-365 are called austrolopes …….there are black in color

          1. Kuroiler produces 150 to 200 eggs, its not really the bird for those looking for many eggs, but it will never fail you. Good thing about it is that it is dual purpose, both male female can give meat almost equally.

          2. Actually, the best layers are in the ISA lines. All commercial uses use ISA hens for laying brown eggs. And white egg that lays best is the white Leghorn they will out lay anything!! Egg laying is a science. Provide proper nutrition and space and most breeds will do between 140-300 depending on the breed and line. The most important thing in egg laying is the nutrition it is why commercial farms use commercial chicken feeds. I have raised 1000s of birds across many breeds. Do your research and the reason an egg yoak is bright or vivid yellow has to do with what the chicken is fed. Most commercial eggs end up with a pale yolk due to commercial feeds. If they just added in some greens and such they to would have avivid yellow yolk. Js folks do your research and chickens are one of the most researched farm animals ever

          3. kuroilerchicken

            Very true, what you feed the chicken is what you get from the chicken. One thing is for sure, if you let a kuroiler chicken scratch food for itself, it will be going 100% natural with its characteristics. That is why it is recommended we let the chicken be. The yellow york is actually because of what you feed it.

          4. kuroilerchicken

            I have heard about this breed today. Thank you for asking. But my research tells me it is an Australian breed. Anyone with the breed please let us help our friend.

      2. am geoffrey from kenya and i was planning to start poulry farming where will i purchase a two days old chicks and at what prince

        1. I want to know the names of vaccines available in India to be given to kroiler chickens from day 1 till maturity.

        2. I want to expand on kuroilers farming but lack contact how I can access main supplier for this breed from Uganda kindly assist I’m tired of broker’s I own subakuria commercial chicken farm in Kenya. Assist please contact me+254728561676

      3. My name is Norbert, and I am a Ugandan.
        I have some few gustion,
        1-How much is a oneday oid chick?
        2-where can I get the kuroiler breed from Uganda?
        3-what number is the best to begin with?
        4-what are the common diseases of kuroilers chicken and what are there treatment???

      4. I want to start kuroilerchicken business and my making my own feed, kindly help me on the feed ingredient that is required for:
        1. Starter
        2. Grower
        3. Pre-lay
        4. Layers mash

  2. I am interested in starting my farm in the republic of Guinea in west Africa. Where can I purchase either eggs or week old chicks in my location and in sizable quantities.

          1. kuroilerchicken

            One of the strong characteristics is to scratch food for itself, so why not. For how big a land, someone please give an input and help out here.

  3. Thokozani Mungoni

    I need Kuroilers but I am in Malawi I do not know where and how I can access these I am just starting up my chicken business but going through the literature the Kuroiler is my preferred type of chicken that I want to rear

  4. Your presentation makes an interesting reading, how can them in Nigeria and the literature for their management.

      1. I need to know the formular for kuroiler feeds, just started for commercial 2 weeks ago. I need to know the vaccination schedule also

      2. We have manuals that can really help you. Free when you buy from us otherwise, Please call 0710815184 for more information on how to get the manuals.

      1. Hi,
        I am exploring a setting up a farm in Nigeria; where can I get Kuroiler chicken say 2-3 weeks old. Just dining my feasibility study right now. I am resident in USA as at now.

      2. pliz am interested in kuroilors but I don’t know how I can care look after them, if possible brief shortly and direct me how I can get some,
        Am from UGANDA.

  5. am much interested in kuroiler rearing but suprised that its not advisable to rear them indoors….what your advice, my cage and sunning area is approximately 3*10m.

  6. Reymond keera gekonde

    Am interested in rearing kuroilers but I need to know the prices of the chicks ,requirements and the good management practices for the kuroilers for me to realize the profit

  7. thanks so much am in uganda and i would
    like to inquire from u about keeping the kuroiler chiken at their early day old

  8. hi. i want start to rear kroiler chicken. my question is, can l rear them in cages without cocks like the exotic ones?

  9. hi am elisha my quesion is ,is there kuroiler kept kept for meat and those of eggs just like layers and broilers and how long does eggs kept before incubated

  10. Hi
    Am interested in these kuroiler chickens can you send 50 day olds to Botswana.

    Please send me a quote to deliver to Botswana (Jwaneng).


  11. I really appreciates the info about kuroilers but I want to know the quantity of food in grams or kilograms per chick according to its respective age. Thank you!

  12. I need to use battery cages. Is this possible with kuroiler coz am wondering how fertilisation will take place. Pls advice how its possible to keep in battery cages.

  13. kobingi nyambane

    I want to start rearing kuroilar immediately in Kisii county. Pls tell me where I can purchase them

  14. Francis Mwombeki

    I reside at Chimala,Mbeya Tanzania. Reading your publication has made me get interested in keeping the breed. Can you kindly inform me on price of various ages of chicks and how I can obtain them CIF Chimala.

  15. Roseangela nkirote

    I would like to keep kuroiler but im very new in this business. Kindly advice
    Where are u situated in nairobi

  16. Chandan prasad

    I am raising Koiler chicken for last 50 days I am feeding them with maize but there weight is just 500gm just want to know how much weight it should be in around 50 days

  17. ronald likhaya

    my name is ronald,what are the deadly disease that affects kuroiler chicks and how do we control it?

  18. Hi,I want to have kuroilers day old chicks and am in Nigeria, how can i purchase it and how much i she the kuroiler.

  19. Eruaga Vuni Julius

    I’m Eruaga Vuni Julius working in Kampala ready to start a 100 one month old kuroiler chick farm in northern Uganda.How can you advise me on its management and how much does @ cost

  20. I am interested to farming, it was very wounderful ideas, thn problem is that where can I get it this kuroiler chicks.

    1. Hey, Hemon, thank for your positive comment, we can supply the chicks, where is your location? Please contact us 0710815184 for more details.

  21. Halo,am interested in starting up kiroiler chicken farming’plz advice and how to acquire one day old,price ,feeds and vaccinationation schedule.

    1. Not really, if you want the eggs for incubation you may consider the cocks, However, kuroiler breed usually have many males and females, they are always mixed.


    hello? very interested. how can i get kuroiler in Rwanda?price of day old chicks including transport. thx for emailing me. happy new year

  23. Thanks for the advising lectures. But l am interested in your manual booklets how can l get one. Fred from. Uganda

  24. I am a small scale poultry farmer in the North Western part of Zambia. I am interested in the Kuroiler chicken. How much is a DOC, a one month bird or fertilised eggs and are you able to transport them if so how much is transportation cost say for 500 birds. You may advise if you have agents here in Zambia?.

    1. kuroilerchicken

      Currently working on exporting but not possible for now, when possible will notify you. Thanks Elliot Mutesi.

  25. Hi, how much are 1 month-old male/cock kuroilers?
    and how long do they take to reach maturity/ ready for market and how much would it take to transport them to Kisumu?

    1. kuroilerchicken

      Our month old current price is 260ksh and they mature within 4 months. Transport to Kisumu depends on the total number required. Please call +254710815184 for more details.

  26. catherine laboso

    kuroilers are the best substitute for kienyenji chicken. can i get one month old and at what price are they going for?

  27. i need fertile eggs in Botswana, need pricing for fertile eggs and day old Kuroiler not keinjei please. in the price please include cost of delivery to Botswana. Thank you

  28. Hello I have 5 months kuroilers and they have not started laying yet even after administration of layers to the birds.Kindly assistance.

  29. hello, am Phiona from Uganda, i rearing kuroilers for the first time but i happen to have a poor breed, wish to order for your breed next stocking. if any whatsapp group for you breeders and farmers please add me. thanks

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