For many years the, the kienyeji chicken has been the preferred bird for rearing in Kenya due to its sweet healthy meat and its yellow York egg. However, the bird has not been doing well when it comes to income generation due to its slow growth rate. Most farmers have been discouraged and they only rear the kienyeji chicken to provide food for their homes and some salvation cash here and there where need be. Very few are doing it commercially and most are afraid to do so leaving them invest their money in other ‘important’ areas.

There is good news now. The Kuroiler indigenous chicken, originally developed by an Entreprenuer from India, Vidod Kapur, is making chicken farming in Africa a millionaire venture reality and it is changing lives in many parts of Africa including Kenya and Uganda.

If you have an idle piece of land that is not giving you any profit you could venture into this ideal Kuroiler farming and make some worthy profit every month. The following are some of the reasons why you should rear Kuroiler Chicken in your land:-

1. Market is readily available: – a mature Kuroiler chicken weighs 3 to 4 Kilograms in approximately four months. This is a good and marketable range which is preferred especially in most hotels and restaurants. It’s meat is evenly distributed with its soft meat as sweat as the ordinally kienyeji chicken. The chicken is very much preferred by many and therefore the market is growing speedily.

2. Cuts down cost on food – Kuroiler chicken is known to scavenge for its own food and therefore will need minimal commercial feeding. If you have enough space, let the chicken enjoy the backyard.

3. Choice in raising – If you have minimal space, the indigenous chicken can still be raised through supplement feeding.

4. Resistant to diseases – The chicken adopts very well in tropical conditions and its very hardy. It does not easily get sick.

5. Poverty eradicator – This chicken can be raised at considerably very low cost giving most African farmers an opportunity to have a paying project at their homes. It is a great idea that should be taken seriously by rural and semi rural farmers who want to have something extra every month.

6. They feed well – this Kuroiler bird has no problem eating as long as its well supplied with food. Its feeding helps in its fast growth giving considerable feed to meat conversion within a very short time. This is encouraging to the farmer as it will require very minimal management. The farmer can actually attend to other important projects and just ensure the chicken is clean, with enough supply of food and water and in a safe place.

7. Kuroilers lay more eggs – at maturity this bird has the capacity to lay more eggs than the local kienyeji chicken. They however do not sit on their eggs to hatch. For this reason, you can raise ordinally chicken alongside the Kuroiler so that you can have them hatch original kuroiler chicks. Alternatively, a hatching machine can be used to ensure that the farmer keeps a considerable number of chickens for good return.

8. Big and Yellow York egg – one advantage of this millionaire bird is that it gives considerably big egg that is as sweet as the local kienyeji chicken and what’s more it has a yellow York which is very nutritious. In just five and six months the chicken is mature enough to start laying eggs.

9. Different colors – Kuroiler chicken come in different colors which attracts the buyer making the chicken more advantageous to raise. Most of them can camouflages easily with the environment it is in making it uneasy to spot by predators.

10. Kuroiler is simply a money maker – you can decide to trade in eggs, chicks or mature chicken for meat at any one given moment which ensure there is income month in month out.